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About us

Welcome to ww2militaryshop!

Ww2militaryshop is a small but dynamically developing online store where you can find only high-quality copies of things for military-historical reconstructions, decoration of private collections or museum expositions, theaters or film studios.

Almost all things are own products, so we can surely guarantee the quality of the selling things,that in turn,influence the price policy of products.Not less important in our work is exclusivity.Ordering the products from military shop, you will get it only at first-hand.

Widening of assortment is one of the priorities of the work of ww2militaryshop.

The things that are presented on the site are not the propaganda of Nazism, Fascism or other political processes.

Ww2militaryshop – is quality, uniqueness, accessibility.

1438 pangbourne way, Hanover, MD 21076